Technical info

It is possible to provide a report on the performance of the system and the errors that occur in it and the status of the heater (optional).
Efficiency of the high temperature of the boiler to create heating and prevent the consumption of gas and diesel fuel
Protection of heater equipment in case of two-phase input power and power fluctuations
Flame detection through ion rod technology (Lonization Flame Detector)
Returning the heater to the operating mode after turning the heater off and on
The working power of the controller circuit in two-phase input voltage mode (380 V)
The ability to define the time for the heater to return to normal after power fluctuations
The ability to start the heater with a delay compared to other heaters
Support for an ambient temperature sensor to the control circuit
flame detection through photocell (light - fire)
Ability to define the maximum heater input voltage parameter
Error notification through 220V relay output
Overheat protection of boiler heater
Support for gas/diesel heaters
Has serial communication to control the heater

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