Faradid Azar Electronic Industrial Group (FDA Industrial Group) started its activity in 1382 with the official name of Faradid Azar Gostar Technical Engineering. Company by designing electronic and robotic systems. The fundamental goals of the Faradidware industrial group were based on the advancement of modern technology, optimal use of energy and self-sufficiency in the design and production of electronic boards in various industries, the result of which can be seen today in various parts of this group.

The research and development (R&D) department of Faradidfar Industrial Group is in charge of supplying the world's latest technology in the design and manufacture of robotic and electronic systems. According to the development of technology in the field of industry, the first step of Faradidfar to enter the field of automation is research in the field of robotic systems, and in this regard, it has received numerous awards and certificates in various competitions and festivals, including the Khwarazmi Festival. has done Also, by relying on his cohesive, expert and experienced team in the fields of industrial design, mechanics, electronics (hardware-software), he has been able to complete various projects in various industries according to the documented process, from project definition to prototyping and delivery of documents to finally arrived

Another part of Faradidfarz industrial group works in the field of automation, and part of this activity is related to industrial automation. In this department, Faradeed cooperates with many well-known manufacturers in various industries and helps them in updating their production line and product technology, so as to finally play a part in the innovation of their production lines by optimizing and upgrading their quality. One of the capabilities of this company is designing, implementing and installing torches for robot arms and customizing them for production lines.
The other part of this department is the design, production and implementation of home and building automation systems. After numerous researches in this regard, in order to advance the group's executive goals, this company started designing and producing products under the home and building automation category. As one of the leading companies in this regard, this group has put the quantitative and qualitative improvement of its products at the forefront of its policies by conducting scientific market research and using its specialists.

The most extensive part of the industrial group of Faradifaz is the design and mass production of electronic boards. In this department, Faradidfar Group, by using advanced and fully automatic machines, as well as its experienced team in production, quality control and R&D, has been able to take a new step to improve the quality and quantity of products produced by different companies and manufacturers in different industries. through this interaction, to help them in providing innovative products with world-class technology and competitive ability in the domestic and foreign markets

About us

CEO and founder

Seyyed Hamed Azimi

Narbeh Nahapatian

We are proud that since 1382 and after 20 years since the establishment of Faradid Electronics Industrial Group, with the approach of creating employment and innovation in the electronics industry, we were able to take a firm step in line with Faradid's major goals in the industry. Obviously, this success has been achieved by relying on expert forces and the trust of loyal customers in these years, and ultimately our effort will be to spread the ability of Iranians in international forums.

Chairman of the board and founder

Strategy and approach of Faradidware Electronic Industrial Group

Expanding the group's product portfolio with the approach of achieving a variety of products in the home appliance, automotive, medical, and industrial industries, as well as producing customized and non-customized products according to the available capacities.
Using new methods in the organization to improve the quality of processes, products and services
Strengthening and expanding research and development activities in order to improve the quality level and optimize the performance of products and provide new ideas
Continuous effort to manage resources and increase order and productivity through the implementation of quality management system and grooming system
Increasing the amount of sales with the approach of increasing the number of customers
Efforts to increase employee and customer satisfaction
Efforts towards the quantitative and qualitative development of the education and information system with the aim of increasing the awareness of employees and customers​​​​​​
Strengthening the after-sales service system according to the development of the portfolio of products and services in various industries

The program of successful managers broadcasted on the Three Voices and Television network

Describing the development programs of Faradizware in Tehran home appliance exhibition in 1401

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