Technical info

PC system specifications: RAM 4 GB DDR4 (expandable up to 16 GB), CPU Core i5 gen7, hard drive: 128 GB of SSD type
Connecting the laptop and transferring its images to the touch panel, as well as the possibility of controlling the laptop through the touch panel using the USB Touch port
The possibility of freezing the image in both Android and Windows environments and writing notes and... along with saving images
The possibility of transferring images from other devices such as tablets and mobile phones to the touch panel via WiFi
Has two Windows and Android systems (Windows 10, Android 7.0)
It has HDMI (3), VGA (1) and AV (1) image ports.
   Android system specifications: RAM 2 GB, memory 16 GB
With a special pen (along with a magnetic holder on the panel)
The possibility of connecting to the Internet through WiFi and LAN
It has note-taking software with various features
Detection of up to 20 touch points at the same time
Ability to quickly switch between two operating systems
It has a very sensitive and accurate touch panel
Can be used as a display
  Has USB ports
Has an anti-shock panel
4k image quality
Size 75 inches

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